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Puppy Buying Information - Things to consider when buying a puppy.

"It's the only family member you get to choose, so choose well." Do your research? As you have to spend the next 10-15 year looking after it.


Some points to consider.

1. Attend some Dog Shows, talk to as many breeders as you can.
This will help you educate yourself about the breeds you think you like.
The better informed you are about the breeds your are looking at, the easier it will be to find that dog that will give you the most happiness.

2. Avoid Impulse buys
That adorable puppy in the window of the pet store is hard to resist, but you may be paying a lot of money for a dog that you know very little about.

An impule buy could be the worst thing you could do when choosing your new family member.
Stop, & think about it!
Most good breeders prefer you to come & look then go home and think about it. They will also try to advise you as best as they can to all the good and bad points of their breed, and whether this breed would suit your lifestyle.

3. Never rush in and buy the first pup you see, waiting for the right pup for you is always the best way.

4. Good breeders can inform you about genetic diseases common in the breed you want and are generally happy to share their knowledge.
Health: Any breed of dog can have genetic problems that can be passed from generation to generation by breeding dogs that carry the flawed gene.
Many of these genetic problems can be detected with today's technology, but these tests are expensive.
People who are concerned about the welfare and future of their breed will have these tests conducted to preserve and improve in the future quality of their breed.
Most good breeders are more concerned about the health of the puppies that they are producing than the money that they will or won't make on the production of a litter.

5. Ask the breeders to show you proof of genetic tests and hip & elbow x-rays (the lower the score the better it is).

6. Request to see one or both of the parents of your new puppy.

7. Spend sometime at the breeders to find out what their intentions for the breed are and to view the temperament of their animals.

8. Other positive alternatives if you would like an older dog are adopting a rescue dog from various rescue organizations located throughout each State or Territory.

9. Make the decision of whether you would like a Male or Female?

10. Do you want to Show, or trial competitively with your dog? Answer this before you buy.

Remember, when you buy a puppy, you are adding another member to your family, not just another piece of furniture that can be disposed of at the smallest whim. You would not have a child without careful research and planning for the child's future ten or fifteen years down the road. Your new dog should be no different. Adding a dog to the family is a long term commitment and responsibility that should be taken seriously and only acted upon after careful consideration and research.




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