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Puppy Buying Information - Things to get from your chosen breeder

1. After meeting with as many breeders as possible, decide which one will provide you with the best possible puppy.

2. If that breeder does not currently have any puppies available, ask to be placed on the breeder's waiting list for the next available puppy.

3. When the time comes to get your new puppy, you should request as many of the following items as possible:

Signed receipt
Signed pedigree
A diet sheet detailing what food, when, and how much the puppy eats
A health record detailing all vacations, worming, and the puppy's growth
Hints on grooming for this breed
Other notes on the specific care of this breed
The puppies papers
A signed agreement that guarantees the health of the puppy.
The agreement should require the breeder to give a refund or replace the puppy if any serious problems arise.
It should also require the breeder to take back the original puppy or to find it a new home.

4. To make your puppy feel more secure away from its mother and littermates, you may also wish to ask to take with you some article such as a piece of cloth or a toy that has been in the whelping box with your puppy.

5. The breeder may also request a contract stating that the puppy will be spayed or neutered when it reaches the appropriate age.
REMEMBER, the responsible breeder only wants the best possible specimens of the breed to contribute to future generations, so you should be willing to accept this agreement if it applies to your puppy.
Spaying or neutering your dog also decreases the risk of some future health problems.

By following this process, you should be able to locate a responsible breeder from which to buy your new purebred puppy.
Through careful planning and patience, you should end up with a puppy that will live a long and healthy life as a member of your family.

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