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Health & Nutrition - Basic healthy diet for dogs


We strive to raise our pets as close to how mother nature intended their digestive systems to function.
All are fed mostly organic foods when possible, & we advise this way for all the four legged kids that pass our way.
Our pets do not have the same digestive system as we, their direct cousin ,the dog out in the wild shares their makeup, & the easiest way I find to explain to others when I am asked re diets, is to refer to the wild dog;
when he makes a kill he does not have a chef standing by to cook his kill for him, or a can opener etc etc, so here is an example of the foods we give with the intention of raising our kids to live a longer & healthy life with us. The results speak for themselves.
We find less skin problems, [so very common these days.... WHY?] & many other health problems accepted as normal, nonexistent, in all animals that are fed NATURAL foods. #organic dry food now available, nice alternative

5-6 Nights per week.
2/3rds = Organic Chicken Frames and or Necks,
1/3rd = of meal soft matter.
Soft matter EG; Lamb tongue or ,red meat [never minced as this process destroys enzymes]
Pasta & fish
Rice [brown] or Pasta & Liver [cooked]
Beef & Roo mince
Soaked & cooked pulses, beans, soup mix etc, add these to above cooked meals

1 Night per week A meatless meal
EG; Goats Milk
Rolled oats
sm toasted muesli
1 egg [with shell crushed]
grated cheese
Biodynamic Yoghourt [ Jalna brand]
We may add a few organic chicken necks if needed.

Vegetable/fruit matter is given raw, by blending quickly to a pulp, carrot, apple, banana, silver beet, or our
Special chloro blend, in place of greens, - blood cleansing, exc for coat colour enhancing too. This is the only time we add minced meat of any kind, as it helps the kids to eat the veg/fruit . Cooking destroys nutrients & enzymes

Bones are given at various times in the day, mostly morning or evening after their meal.
Marrow bone split in half once weekly.
Brisket bones once weekly if they can handle fat
Lamb necks & Lamb shanks are given as a meal also [raw]

We add, our Super Blend. or the Missing link nutrients, mix this to a paste with filtered water.
We add chopped cooked chicken for kids that are a bit fussy, as these nutrients are so important to building the immune system as our pets are exposed to the same pollutants as we, so we want them to have their daily fix as we call it.
We also add our special recipe of Organic omega cold pressed Oils[5 in all].

We filter their water, or use rainwater when available.

Morning meal
Pasta & Fish, soaked rolled oats,barley,in goats milk.

Midday meal
Chicken mince, & red meat

Night meals
The same as adults.

It is truly wonderful to observe puppies tearing into raw whole foods, their little neck & jaw muscles being used, as nature intended. This does not happen when consuming minced, cooked, tin & dry foods

# Information provided By:
Patricia Green - Animal Health Naturally

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