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Animal Health Naturally

We operate a natural therapies clinic offering drug-free treatments and therapies incorporating Herbal and Homoeopathics, at very affordable prices, and always with the focus on 100% natural in everything we do.
Yes you can raise your pets naturally, enabling them to share their lives with you a lot healthier and longer than what is accepted as the norm.

Below is a list of some of the drug-free products and treatments available through the clinic.

*Homeopathic Vaccinations
*Flea Drops
*Paralysis Tick Drops
*Heartworm Drops
*All-Wormer Drops
*Stress and Trauma Drops
*Arthritic & Hip Dysplasia Drops *Thunder Buster Drops
*Fireworks Fear Drops
*Performance Drops
*Calcium Drops
*Travel Sickness Drops
*Whelping Drops
*Herbal Treatments

*Organic Diets
*The Missing Link Nutrients

*Emotional Remedies

*Specialising in Skin Disorders

*Photonic Therapy
*Structural Muscle Ligament Alignments

*Essential Oils

*Flower Essences Bach, N.Z., U.S.A., Australian

*Muscle release-Bowen Therapy- & Manipulation, Magnetic,Laser, Accupressure,Therapies.
These gentle non-invasive treatments give wonderful results, in many structural problems,involving muscle & bone ,enabling your pet to be free moving again, thereby regenerating the whole system , also as a great pick me-up a few days prior to their ring performance, & can be the answer to problems on the[show-obed,dog] stack/jumps etc.

*Shampoos ,Conditioners Disinfectants [totally natural]

*ORGANIC PET FOODS, available in whole chicken, necks, frames, feet Mince, skin & livers. 10 yr accreditation, antibiotic free.

*ORGANIC OMEGA OILS, Aust grown & cold processed. Oils become rancid once subjected to heat, so it is very important to add these separately to your pets meal, as needed.

*ORGANIC SUPPLEMENTS, from whole foods, highly nutritional.

Consultations By Appointment

Patricia Green
Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland Australia
Ph:07-5496 9741

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